E-commerce sites have changed the way we shop. Businesses can be open 24 hours a day with no geographic limitations.

Anyone can make a purchase - even from home in their pajamas. It is also possible for almost anyone to create a website; but true value comes in professional design, accessibility, and-most important for a consumer- credibility. Visitors who buy a product want to feel sure they can trust a site that they give personal information to. At Explore Wisconsin we understand this concern and the increasing potential of e-commerce for all small businesses.

When your business provides customers a trusted source for products larger retailers who might otherwise get business with their stores lose. It's a win-win! Our e-commerce experience is extensive. Features like social media platforms are essential and are infinite- especially in non-physical products like classes and tours. It's up you- the possibilities are endless, and we promise we've got the potential to help you reap great rewards.

E-Commerce Online Shopping

While some might argue that there is no replacement for going out to a store and physically holding a product in your hand before buying it, those same people generally acknowledge that they started the research for that product online.

Online sales are predicted to increase by 62% over the next few years

As of 2011 202 billion dollars worth of goods and services are exchanged online and that number is expected to rise to 327 billion by 2016.

The major difference between a regular website and an e-commerce site is the ability to buy products on the e-commerce site. Otherwise for the most part they function the same. Both types of sites have a secure backend you can log into and update information. Both allow you to easily add pictures, graphics, and other style elements. So what's the difference and why is an e-commerce site more?

The major difference is in the backend and how it handles products, categories, and security. Anytime credit card and bank account information are involved there needs to be an extra layer of security to insure that everyones information remains safe and secure.

Some of the other differences are in the experience. An E-Commerce platform makes it a lot easier to add catagories and products, and has a whole suite of tools to manage your sales, inventory, and customers. These tools are secure and specific to online shopping, so you wouldn't find them in a regular web package.

If you're looking to sell your products or services online an E-Commerce package is the right tool for the job

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