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Explore Wisconsin is...

A website that helps people find the best businesses of every kind throughout Wisconsin. We are also a full web development company that specializes in giving local businesses a professional and effective web presence. Explore Wisconsin gives visitors information on authentic, trustworthy businesses that offer goods and services at a great value - businesses just like yours.

Explore Wisconsin gives you the opportunity to attract more customers without having to make a large financial or time investment. It connects you with people looking for a place like yours, gets them to you faster, and keeps them coming back for more.


of consumers who search online follow up with an offline action!

Let Customers Find You, Rather than You Finding Them

Seeking out new customers can be a long, tiring and expensive process. The good news is, there is a huge network of people eager to become customers of Wisconsin businesses just like yours. Getting your name at the top of their list is as simple as making sure you are where your customers are. And the numbers don't lie; your customers are online. With more than 82,000 visitors to the site each month, an Explore Wisconsin membership helps ensure customers find you quickly and love what they see.


of consumers turn to the Internet first for information about local companies.

What's New

More than just a facelift, we've been busy improving all of our systems.

  • Faster, and Even More Reliable Cloud Servers
  • A Better Mobile Framework for consistent display on more devices
  • Optimized Images for Improved Load Times
  • Streamlined Code and Database Access for Faster Search Results
  • Products and Services Section
  • And many other tweaks to make your visit a little better.

What's In The Works

Now that we've finished updating the main site, we're focusing our attention on delivering a new Spotlight Page experience with an updated looked and new functionality. And on top of the new Spotlight page, we're also working to update the backend "Admin" section to make logging in and making changes to your business information or Spotlight Page quicker and more intuitive.

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A "Thank You" is a simple thing, but it seems to be something that's often overlooked these days. Explore Wisconsin is about people, so we really couldn't do this without you. We want to thank you for your visit to our site, and thank you for your support of the wonderful local businesses that choose to be a part of what we're doing here. With all the choices available to you on the Internet, it's humbling that you chose, and continue to choose us, and for that we are thankful.

It may still be cold and the snow still blowing, but you can warm up this winter by stopping in to any of the great local shops and businesses right here in Wisconsin. For a closer look at what's near you, or for fantastic travel destinations click the "Take a look" button and explore Wisconsin.